National Parks

Visitor dies at Yosemite National Park during shutdown

Jan 4, 2019

The National Park Service says a man died after falling into a river at Yosemite National Park on Christmas Day

The Latest: Zinke: Park visitors should "grab a trash bag"

Jan 4, 2019

Former U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke says National Park visitors should "grab a trash bag and take some trash out" as garbage bins at some parks overflow during the government shut down

Zoo animals still need to be fed despite government shutdown

Jan 2, 2019

Zoo becomes latest victim of government shutdown, but thousands of animals still need to be fed, pregnancies need to be monitored and poop has to be scooped

Garbage, feces take toll on national parks amid shutdown

Jan 1, 2019

Shutdown takes toll on national parks as garbage, human waste begin to overwhelm areas open to visitors

An icon of Christmas cheer went dark, some parks close

Dec 25, 2018

The national Christmas tree, a symbol of season's cheer, became an icon of paralyzed government

Partial government shutdown likely to extend past Christmas

Dec 23, 2018

Federal government expected to remain partially shut down past Christmas as standoff deepens between Trump and Democrats

Open and closed: shutdown's varied impact on parks, tourists

Dec 22, 2018

Tourists trekking to parks and historic sites across the U.S. are seeing a mix of impacts from the federal government's second shutdown in less than a year

Ruling that blocked grizzly bear hunts appealed by US

Dec 21, 2018

U.S. government attorneys are appealing a court ruling that restored protections for grizzly bears in the Northern Rockies and blocked plans to hold the first public hunts for the animals in decades

Alba the albino orangutan returned to jungle in Indonesia

Dec 21, 2018

The world's only known albino orangutan climbed trees, foraged for food and began building a nest after being released into a remote Borneo jungle more than a year after conservation officials found her starving and dehydrated in an Indonesian village

Groups plan to sue US over bear baiting in Wyoming, Idaho

Dec 20, 2018

Environmental groups have filed notice they intend to sue the U.S. government for letting hunters use bait to lure bears in national forests in Idaho and Wyoming.

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