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It's a boy! April the Giraffe gives birth again

Mar 16, 2019

April the Giraffe has once again given birth in front of a live, enthralled YouTube audience

Review: The new animated 'Wonder Park' is at war with itself

Mar 14, 2019

Film review: The tonal shifts in the animated roller coaster film 'Wonder Park' are enough to make you want to hurl

Construction worker dies in fall at Disney's Epcot park

Mar 13, 2019

Sheriff's officials say a worker died after falling at a construction site behind the France pavilion in the Epcot theme park at Walt Disney World in Florida

Oh, baby: April the Giraffe is about to give birth again

Mar 13, 2019

No twitch of her tail or bulge in her backside goes unremarked as April the giraffe once again prepares to deliver a calf before a riveted YouTube audience

New Disney Star Wars theme park lands set opening dates

Mar 7, 2019

The Millennium Falcon is blasting off from Disneyland at the end of May with the opening of the California theme park's massive Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge expansion

Busch Gardens building world's fastest hybrid coaster

Mar 6, 2019

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay says it's building the fastest and steepest hybrid roller coaster in the world

SeaWorld Orlando's Sesame Street opens at end of month

Mar 6, 2019

SeaWorld Orlando's Sesame Street land is opening at end of the month

SeaWorld removes foam bowls, plates from parks

Mar 5, 2019

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is removing products made of polystyrene foam from its 12 parks

Russian officials charge owners of 'whale prison'

Feb 28, 2019

Russian officials have brought charges against four companies in the Far East which have been keeping some 100 whales in small, crowded pools that environmentalists have dubbed a "whale prison."

Judge drops charges against defendants in death of 10-year-old boy at Kansas water park

Feb 22, 2019

Judge drops charges against defendants in death of 10-year-old boy at Kansas water park

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